Saturday, January 12, 2013

Excerpt: Joining the Pack: The Shapeshifter Circus, Book 2 (Gay Werewolf Menage Erotica)

The circus is in my brain again, and this time I wanted to focus on the non-performing side.  A traveling circus requires a crazy amount of setup and takedown, and who better to do the job than a pack of supernaturally strong werewolves?  But what happens when a young smartass joins the pack?  Delicious tension, of course!  Here's a peek:

Logan threw back his head and let loose an eerie howl. Connor and Levi took up the call, and then they were off, slipping through the tent and racing across the lot. The circus had stopped at a seaside town, and Connor could smell the salt in the air as they raced through some scrubby woods. A fierce joy overtook him, to be out, and to be with his pack. He’d never had one before: his parents didn’t socialize with other wolves. Or anyone, for that matter.  
The earth felt good under his paws as he loped along, and Logan lead them skillfully through the woods. At last, they came across a small freshwater pond. With a playful yip, Logan dove headlong into the water, creating a huge splash. Connor and Levi skidded to a halt, panting. Connor was pleasantly shocked at seeing Logan like this; apparently he wasn’t all business after all. 
Logan broke the surface of the water, human again and dripping wet; he must have shifted while submerged. “Let’s chat for a moment, boys,” he drawled as he pulled himself up on the bank. Connor could hardly tear his gaze away from the water droplets that ran down Logan’s washboard abs, but somehow he managed to focus enough to shapeshift back to human form. Levi followed suit, and the two joined Logan on the bank.  
Although it was common for were-creatures to be nude around each other (you can’t shapeshift with clothes on, after all), this felt... different. Connor could feel a charge in the air as he sank down in between the two werewolves. Levi actually smiled at him. “A run always makes me feel better,” the tall man said softly, and Connor nodded in agreement. 
“I thought it might,” replied Logan as he leaned back on his hands. Connor felt his cock rising again as he gazed at his alpha’s stunning body, and a blush crossed his cheeks. No hiding it. But he could swear he saw that mischievous little smirk cross Logan’s face again.  
“So, I brought you two out here so that we can set things straight,” Logan said, leaning forward as he spoke. “Connor, you have issues with authority,” he said, and Connor’s blush deepened. “You also need to apologize to Levi for nearly dropping him. Levi, you’re a fine second in command, but you need to learn to relax sometimes. And we all need to build some trust, I think.” Connor glanced over at Levi; the tall man nodded. 
“Well, Connor,” drawled Logan, the Alpha’s voice dropping to a low tone that made Connor’s cock twitch. “Why don’t you show Levi how sorry you are for what happened today?” Connor’s heart began to pound, and he looked again to Levi. To his surprise, the other werewolf was rock-hard too. Connor knew exactly what Logan wanted, but he wasn’t sure what Levi would do.  
Slowly, tentatively, Connor leaned over and ran his hands up Levi’s thighs.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Excerpt: Trick Rider: The Shapeshifter Circus, Book 1 (Gay Shifter Erotic Romance)

As you might have noticed, I've been on a shapeshifter kick lately and after watching this great documentary on Netflix called Circus (seriously, check it out) I was inspired to combine the two.  Thus, the idea for the Menagerie Circus was born!  The first book, Trick Rider, follows tiger-shifter Lucas.  He falls hard for his new partner, Morgan, but the horse-shifter has some secrets in his past.  Here's a sneak peek:
“Lucas! Boss wants to see you!” The high-pitched voice of Bethany, a peacock shifter and high-wire walker, shattered Lucas’ concentration. 
“Kinda busy,” Lucas called through gritted teeth. He had to yell to be heard over the sound of pounding hooves. The tiger shifter was currently perched precariously on the back of a white mare, balancing on one leg as she galloped tirelessly around the practice ring. Lucas was a trick rider, and specialized in acrobatics on the back of a moving horse.  
Bethany was undeterred. “He says now!” 
For fuck’s sake. Lucas growled inwardly, leaping off the mare’s back and landing on his feet with a thud. The horse stopped obediently, and one of the other riders grabbed her halter. 
“Ok, ok, I’m coming,” he grumbled. “Keep your feathers on.” Bethany rolled her eyes as Lucas climbed out of the ring. He wondered what was so important that Bill would interrupt rehearsal; it was important for all performers to constantly hone their act. Lucas wiped his sweaty face on his t-shirt before following Bethany out of the tent. 
It wasn’t a coincidence that he and Beth were both shifters. The Menagerie Circus was actually completely staffed with were-creatures of all types, and they dazzled the unsuspecting public with their elaborate animal acts. They also performed traditional circus acts, like the trapeze, in human form. Lucas occasionally played the part of a trained tiger, but he loved riding best of all. And he should be practicing now, dammit.  
“This better be good,” Lucas began as he pushed open the door to Bill’s trailer. He stopped short when he noticed that his boss wasn’t alone. 
“Lucas, this is Morgan. Morgan, Lucas, our star trick rider.” Bill was both the owner and the ringmaster of the Menagerie Circus, and everything he said in his booming voice sounded like a performance announcement. But Lucas barely heard him. 
Standing next to Bill was the most gorgeous man Lucas had ever seen. He had the graceful long limbs of a dancer, high cheekbones, and tousled chestnut hair. His dark brown eyes looked up at Lucas, and the tiger-shifter was surprised to see a flicker of fear on his handsome face. Why would he be afraid? He was imagining things.  
“Nice to meet you,” Lucas purred in his most charming voice, holding out his hand to shake. As he drew closer, he caught a whiff of Morgan’s scent: it was like fresh hay under the summer sun. Very interesting. 
Morgan shook Lucas’ hand hesitantly, as if he were afraid the tiger-shifter would bite him. Bill grinned, oblivious to the tension on the room.  
“You wanted a horse-shifter for your act, Lucas?” boomed his boss. “Well you’re in luck, Morgan here just quit the Star Brothers’ Circus and he wants to sign on with us. Say hello to your new partner!” 
Lucas could swear he heard a heavenly choir start up. Someone up there must love him to send him this guy. He grinned down at Morgan. “Well, welcome to the Menagerie Circus. I think you’ll like it here.” 
Morgan frowned, which was not the reaction Lucas was hoping for. “Are you a tiger?” he asked. 
Lucas was a little taken aback, but nodded. “Stripes and all.” 
“Is that going to be a problem, Morgan?” Bill asked, a hint of confusion on his good-natured face. Lucas was glad he wasn’t the only one who could sense Morgan’s strange attitude. 
“No, not really. I just think it’s a little weird that you let a predator shifter ride the horses,” Morgan mumbled, dropping his gaze to the ground.  
Lucas snorted. “Well, I haven’t eaten any of them yet,” he said, unable to stop the sarcasm creeping into his voice. His pride was a little stung, but he managed to maintain his smile. 
Bill laughed. “I’m sure you two can work things out. Now, I’ve got some things to do before the matinee. Lucas, why don’t you take Morgan to Sarah for costume fitting?” 
“Sure thing, boss,” Lucas drawled. He pushed open the trailer door, gesturing for Morgan to exit. As he went down the steps in front of him, Lucas couldn’t resist sneaking a peek. Cranky or not, Morgan had a fantastic ass.
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Excerpt: Locke and the Three Weres (Gay Shapeshifter Menage)

The Goldilocks story was next on my list of fairy tales to re-interpret.  I really enjoyed this one, since I hadn't written a four person menage before and working out the logistics was fun. (And sexy!)  And really, one can never have too many hot shapeshifter men.   Here's a peek of Locke and the Three Weres:

As a rule, Fenrir didn’t find humans attractive. They were weak creatures with dulled senses and cowardly ways. Arktos and Renard were both handsome examples of their species, and their attentions were usually enough that he didn’t go looking for anything else. 
But something about the human that was dangling from Arktos’ massive hands made him reconsider. The human had short wavy hair that was the color of sunlight, and blue eyes that were wide with fear. 
But he smelled like a summer rainstorm: clean water and sunlight and wet grass. It must be the full moon, but Fen’s wolf instantly rose in him, and he wanted this human. His hunt had gone well, but now he had other desires that needed satisfying. He could feel his cock stirring, and given his lack of clothing, Fenrir was sure it was evident.  
“I want him,” he said, advancing to within a foot of the human. The blonde bit his lower lip, staring up at Fen.  
“You can’t be serious,” said Renard, running a hand through his red hair. “We have to get rid of him, not fuck him. He was trying to break into our house and he saw you shapeshift, for fuck’s sake.” 
Arktos snickered. “Aw, Fenrir is sweet on the human. He is pretty sexy though, isn’t he?” Fenrir smirked, watching the brunette giant size up the captive man. He could see the hunger in the bear-shifter’s eyes.  
“You two are impossible,” growled Renard.  
“Oh lighten up, Ren. Who’s going to believe him anyway?” Fenrir cupped the human’s chin, tilting it up slightly to gaze into his eyes. “If he was trying to break into our place, though, he does need to be punished. Just to make sure he’s learned his lesson. What’s your name, Blondie?” 
“It’s Locke,” murmured the human. “But I wasn’t trying to break in. I just got lost out there and needed to use your phone.” 
The werewolf gazed into his eyes, searching for signs of deceit, but he found none;. Just fear and, Fenrir was gratified to see, a fair amount of heat. So he was probably telling the truth. That didn’t mean the human was off the hook though, oh no. Fenrir wanted to have a little fun.  
“Well, Locke, I have a proposition for you. You fucked up big time picking our place to show up at, but I’m in a damn good mood and you’re looking pretty good.” The human blushed, and Fenrir smirked. “So,” he continued, “I’ll give you a chance. You take on all three of us at once, and we’ll let you have your freedom.” 
Renard snorted, crossing his arms across his chest. “I am not going to fuck a human, Fenrir.” 
Fenrir ignored the fox-shifter, stroking Locke’s cheek. “So, what do you say, Blondie?” 
The human grinned, and Fenrir’s wolf growled approvingly: here was a human who could keep up with shifters. “I say you’d better let me have the use of my hands if I’m going to take on all three of you,” Locke replied, with a wicked little smirk. 
Oh, this was going to be good.
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Excerpt: Cinder: An Erotic Modern Fairy Tale (Gay Erotic Romance)

Variations on the Cinderella story show up in everything from ancient Egyptian mythology to modern stage and screen adaptations.  But what's a good story without some hot sex?  Enter Cinder, the cute barista who dreams of a career in journalism, and the handsome club owner Anton Charmant.  Throw in a decadent nightclub, a fake ID, and some very real lust, and you have a recipe for one wild night!  Here's a sneak peek:
Holy fuck, it worked! 
The gorgeous girl behind the front desk had scanned his doctored ID and had sent him in with a smile. And now he was riding the elevator up to the third floor, his heart threatening to pound out of his chest. 
Cin glanced in the mirrored wall of the elevator, adjusting his mask and smoothing his hair. He had to admit, he looked pretty damn good: the red satin pants that fit like they were painted on matched the glittering red of his Venetian mask. The contrast made his blue eyes practically glow. Like many of the clubgoers, he had decided to go shirtless that evening, and some carefully applied red glitter drew the eye to just the right places. He hoped it wasn't too much for the upper floor, though. 
And then the elevator doors slid open with a soft chime, and Cinder felt, if anything, overdressed. 
If the lower dance floor had been wild, Lust was positively Bacchanalian. Everywhere Cin looked was something to tempt the eye. Cocktail servers in gold body paint were winding their way through the crowd, serving champagne and offering body shots. An aerialist hung suspended from her silks above the main dance floor, using the long fabric strips to twist herself into interesting poses. The crowd was a mix of beautiful people in various stages of undress, and Cin recognized a few celebrities and sports stars even with their masks. A woman on the dance floor had her legs wrapped around her partner’s waist, and he was holding her up with his hands brazenly resting on her pert ass. She was bouncing up and down in time with the music, and Cinder felt his face grow hot as the realization dawned on him: yup, they’re totally fucking. And they weren't the only ones. 
Keeping close to the wall, he headed for the bar, which held strategically placed stripper poles. A pair of gorgeous go-go boys were writhing for the appreciative crowd, and Cin suddenly found his tight pants were a whole lot tighter. 
Cin was just beginning to mentally compose his story when he felt a hand close on his shoulder. He looked, up, startled, into a pair of deep green eyes framed by a simple black mask.  
The man was literally tall, dark, and handsome. In fact, he was downright delectable. And then he smiled, and Cinder’s heart skipped a beat. “May I have a dance?”      

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Excerpt: Beau and the Beast: An Erotic Modern Fairy Tale

The next fairy tale to get the modern + sexy treatment was the classic Beauty and the Beast.  In my version, however, the beauty is a boy and the beast wants more than a kiss!  Here's a sneak peek of Beau and the Beast:

The plantation house looked like something straight out of Gone with the Wind: it was supported with elegant columns and surrounded by trees draped with Spanish moss. Since it was a historical site, they had learned about it in school. Apparently the Prince family had built the house when they emigrated from France hundreds of years ago to escape the French Revolution, and it had been in the family ever since. Local folks often speculated on what would happen to it after the current owner died: Armand Prince was the last surviving descendant, and had no wife or children. 
Despite being beautiful, the place gave Beau a sense of unease. There were no signs of life, and all the curtains were pulled against the morning sun.
He finally succeeded in dragging his suitcases up to the wraparound porch, and rang the doorbell. Somewhere deep within the house a bell chimed, but Beau didn’t hear anyone approaching. 
He rapped timidly on the solid front door, but there was no response. On a whim, he reached out and turned the old-fashioned doorknob. 
The door swung open on silent hinges. 
Beau peeked around the door. “Hello?” he called. “I’m Beau Parker... I’m supposed to be Mr. Prince's assistant?” No response. Beau left his bags on the porch and slipped into the dimly lit house. 
The main hall was filled with antique furniture and dominated by an imposing fireplace. A portrait in a heavy gilded frame hung over the mantle, and Beau moved closer to get a better look. 
The painting was so realistic it gave Beau the shivers; he felt like it was watching him. The subject of the painting was a handsome man about Beau’s own age with long dark hair. He stared out from his frame defiantly, as if daring the viewer to keep looking. “Not very happy, are you, Mr. Painting?” Beau murmured. 
“No, I’m usually not.” The voice was cultured, with a faint French accent, and directly behind him. 
Beau thought he would jump out of his skin. He whipped around to see the subject of the painting in the flesh. Armand Prince stood about five feet away; Beau wondered how long he had been there. He was indeed strikingly handsome, his long hair tied back in a low ponytail, his dark eyes watching Beau expectantly. 
“Oh, I’m so sorry... Mr. Prince, right? I rang the bell but nobody answered, and, I...” 
“Barged right in, I can see that. You’re Parker’s son?” Armand tilted his head to one side, arching an eyebrow as he looked Beau up and down. “Are you adopted? Your father is much uglier.” 
Beau bristled. “I take after my mother, but my dad is my dad. He-” 
“Enough, I don’t care,” said Armand, with a dismissive wave of his hand. “Beau, is it? Alonso will show you to your rooms. There’s a list of your duties for the day on your dresser, and I expect everything to be finished by this evening. Your meals will be taken in the kitchen. If you need anything else, figure it out for yourself.” 
He turned on his heel and headed upstairs, leaving Beau open mouthed and seething. What an asshole! If this was his father’s idea of some character building exercise, it was messed up.
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Excerpt: Dominated by Her Professor 2: Learning Her Lesson

The adventures of Allison and Dr. Harrison continue in Dominated by Her Professor 2.  The idea for this story was actually sparked by this listing for a sound activated wireless vibrator.  I don't have one, but I have to say I'm mighty tempted to get one for my next trip to the club.  In any case, Dr. Harrison uses it to great effect, but Allison can't resist giving in to her pleasure.  And of course, she'll have to be punished:

Dr. Harrison makes a low noise of approval. “Pretty girl. Hold out your wrists.” 
Hesitantly, I obey, expecting him to slap my knuckles like a nun in some convent school. 
Instead, he grabs them in one hand, pulling me forward across his lap so that I’m facedown. My skirt flies up, exposing me completely, and I cry out in shock. Any squirming is futile: he easily holds both of my wrists together in one hand, his grip strong and unbreakable. 
“If you were more experienced, I’d take my whip to you, Allison,” he growls, and the lust in his voice sends a shiver up my spine. “But since you are still so young and tender, I think we’ll do things the old fashioned way.” 
His hand immediately descends, giving my ass a sharp spank; the sound of flesh hitting flesh cracks like a gunshot in the quiet office. I gasp, and he laughs. 
“That’s one for showing up in such a hot outfit that I had trouble focusing on the class,” he growls, and despite my predicament I feel a smug little glow.  
Another slap on my ass snaps me out of it, the sting making me jump. 
“That’s for squirming around and being so delectably desirable,” he continues, and punctuates his statement with another spank, much harder, the force lifting my ass cheek so that it jiggles. 
“And this, for putting on a little show for Mr. Archer.” 
A moan escapes my lips, and he answers it with another blow. I try to squirm away, but his grip is like iron; he holds me across his lap easily. 
“And these five, which you will count for me, are for coming without my permission, pet,” he says. “Begin!”  

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Excerpt: Dominated by Her Professor: Teacher's Pet (A BDSM Erotic Romance)

Sleeping with one of my college professors was always a fun fantasy of mine.  Sadly it never happened because the hot ones were always married (and, you know, those pesky ethical implications), but I think it sparked a lifelong teacher/student fetish for me.  Throw in some BDSM and you have the beginnings of my Dominated by her Professor series!  Here's an excerpt from Dominated by Her Professor: Teacher's Pet.

 I blush crimson, and Dr. Harrison laughs again. “You intrigue me, Allison,” he says softly, cupping my chin so that I’m forced to look up at him. “Why are you in my class?” 
The abrupt topic change catches me off guard. “I’m studying to be a therapist. I want to help people... like one helped me, when I was younger.” Hesitantly, I hold up my left wrist so he can see the scars crisscrossing it like latticework, and he looks concerned. “I had some self-hatred issues. Still kind of do, I guess.” I don’t know why I’m telling him this. I guess when you’ve already practically fucked in a parking lot it doesn’t make sense to keep secrets. 
He nods. “That’s a very common reason to become a therapist, as I’m sure you know. And an admirable one.” 
“Is that why you became a doctor?” I ask, emboldened by his encouragement. 
Dr. Harrison shakes his head. “No, I began to study alternate sexualities to make sure I wasn’t insane, and the interest has continued,” he said, with a little smile. 
I frown. “What do you mean?” 
He watches me closely as he replies, as if to gauge my reaction. “Instead of therapy, I found that BDSM worked wonders for my issues. And I was scared that it made me a bad person.” 
He smiles almost shyly, looking boyish. I impulsively want to hug him, but I manage to refrain. 
He continues: “Ironically, it’s become the focus of a lot of my studies of late... BDSM as therapy. Or it would, if I could find some proper assistance.” 
My heart begins to beat faster. “What kind of assistance?” I ask, staring up at him.
Dr. Harrison looks down at me, startled. “Are you implying that you’re interested, Allison?” he asks, with a slow smile. “On paper you would be my student research assistant. But in here...” He takes a step toward me, caressing my cheek. “ would be my submissive. Subjected to all manner of physical stimulation, and expected to obey my commands to the best of your ability. I found it worked wonders on my issues, and I’d like to explore it further.” 
I shiver, but it’s not with fear. The idea of being at this man’s command is powerfully exciting. Could it really help me? I lean into his touch, like a cat being petted, and he smiles. Does it matter? 
“What would you make me do?” I ask, envisioning whips and chains. 
“Well, I could give you a demonstration,” he says softly. “And you could see if it’s what you want. Nothing too extreme, I promise. For now, anyway,” Dr. Harrison adds with a mischievous smile. It’s the smile that does it. 
“Do it,” I whisper, and those stunning blue eyes light up in wicked pleasure. I have no idea what to expect, but the uncertainty adds a new, exciting edge.  
He immediately reaches down and unbuckles his belt. 
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