Saturday, January 12, 2013

Excerpt: Joining the Pack: The Shapeshifter Circus, Book 2 (Gay Werewolf Menage Erotica)

The circus is in my brain again, and this time I wanted to focus on the non-performing side.  A traveling circus requires a crazy amount of setup and takedown, and who better to do the job than a pack of supernaturally strong werewolves?  But what happens when a young smartass joins the pack?  Delicious tension, of course!  Here's a peek:

Logan threw back his head and let loose an eerie howl. Connor and Levi took up the call, and then they were off, slipping through the tent and racing across the lot. The circus had stopped at a seaside town, and Connor could smell the salt in the air as they raced through some scrubby woods. A fierce joy overtook him, to be out, and to be with his pack. He’d never had one before: his parents didn’t socialize with other wolves. Or anyone, for that matter.  
The earth felt good under his paws as he loped along, and Logan lead them skillfully through the woods. At last, they came across a small freshwater pond. With a playful yip, Logan dove headlong into the water, creating a huge splash. Connor and Levi skidded to a halt, panting. Connor was pleasantly shocked at seeing Logan like this; apparently he wasn’t all business after all. 
Logan broke the surface of the water, human again and dripping wet; he must have shifted while submerged. “Let’s chat for a moment, boys,” he drawled as he pulled himself up on the bank. Connor could hardly tear his gaze away from the water droplets that ran down Logan’s washboard abs, but somehow he managed to focus enough to shapeshift back to human form. Levi followed suit, and the two joined Logan on the bank.  
Although it was common for were-creatures to be nude around each other (you can’t shapeshift with clothes on, after all), this felt... different. Connor could feel a charge in the air as he sank down in between the two werewolves. Levi actually smiled at him. “A run always makes me feel better,” the tall man said softly, and Connor nodded in agreement. 
“I thought it might,” replied Logan as he leaned back on his hands. Connor felt his cock rising again as he gazed at his alpha’s stunning body, and a blush crossed his cheeks. No hiding it. But he could swear he saw that mischievous little smirk cross Logan’s face again.  
“So, I brought you two out here so that we can set things straight,” Logan said, leaning forward as he spoke. “Connor, you have issues with authority,” he said, and Connor’s blush deepened. “You also need to apologize to Levi for nearly dropping him. Levi, you’re a fine second in command, but you need to learn to relax sometimes. And we all need to build some trust, I think.” Connor glanced over at Levi; the tall man nodded. 
“Well, Connor,” drawled Logan, the Alpha’s voice dropping to a low tone that made Connor’s cock twitch. “Why don’t you show Levi how sorry you are for what happened today?” Connor’s heart began to pound, and he looked again to Levi. To his surprise, the other werewolf was rock-hard too. Connor knew exactly what Logan wanted, but he wasn’t sure what Levi would do.  
Slowly, tentatively, Connor leaned over and ran his hands up Levi’s thighs.

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