Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Excerpt: Locke and the Three Weres (Gay Shapeshifter Menage)

The Goldilocks story was next on my list of fairy tales to re-interpret.  I really enjoyed this one, since I hadn't written a four person menage before and working out the logistics was fun. (And sexy!)  And really, one can never have too many hot shapeshifter men.   Here's a peek of Locke and the Three Weres:

As a rule, Fenrir didn’t find humans attractive. They were weak creatures with dulled senses and cowardly ways. Arktos and Renard were both handsome examples of their species, and their attentions were usually enough that he didn’t go looking for anything else. 
But something about the human that was dangling from Arktos’ massive hands made him reconsider. The human had short wavy hair that was the color of sunlight, and blue eyes that were wide with fear. 
But he smelled like a summer rainstorm: clean water and sunlight and wet grass. It must be the full moon, but Fen’s wolf instantly rose in him, and he wanted this human. His hunt had gone well, but now he had other desires that needed satisfying. He could feel his cock stirring, and given his lack of clothing, Fenrir was sure it was evident.  
“I want him,” he said, advancing to within a foot of the human. The blonde bit his lower lip, staring up at Fen.  
“You can’t be serious,” said Renard, running a hand through his red hair. “We have to get rid of him, not fuck him. He was trying to break into our house and he saw you shapeshift, for fuck’s sake.” 
Arktos snickered. “Aw, Fenrir is sweet on the human. He is pretty sexy though, isn’t he?” Fenrir smirked, watching the brunette giant size up the captive man. He could see the hunger in the bear-shifter’s eyes.  
“You two are impossible,” growled Renard.  
“Oh lighten up, Ren. Who’s going to believe him anyway?” Fenrir cupped the human’s chin, tilting it up slightly to gaze into his eyes. “If he was trying to break into our place, though, he does need to be punished. Just to make sure he’s learned his lesson. What’s your name, Blondie?” 
“It’s Locke,” murmured the human. “But I wasn’t trying to break in. I just got lost out there and needed to use your phone.” 
The werewolf gazed into his eyes, searching for signs of deceit, but he found none;. Just fear and, Fenrir was gratified to see, a fair amount of heat. So he was probably telling the truth. That didn’t mean the human was off the hook though, oh no. Fenrir wanted to have a little fun.  
“Well, Locke, I have a proposition for you. You fucked up big time picking our place to show up at, but I’m in a damn good mood and you’re looking pretty good.” The human blushed, and Fenrir smirked. “So,” he continued, “I’ll give you a chance. You take on all three of us at once, and we’ll let you have your freedom.” 
Renard snorted, crossing his arms across his chest. “I am not going to fuck a human, Fenrir.” 
Fenrir ignored the fox-shifter, stroking Locke’s cheek. “So, what do you say, Blondie?” 
The human grinned, and Fenrir’s wolf growled approvingly: here was a human who could keep up with shifters. “I say you’d better let me have the use of my hands if I’m going to take on all three of you,” Locke replied, with a wicked little smirk. 
Oh, this was going to be good.
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